Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • We, at this moment, bound the user to agree to our terms of service and conditions. If the user denies any of our terms and condition, we forbid them to use our website.
  • Users are allowed the website usage and its services only under the legal age or consent of the state policies.
  • We follow and apply strict privacy policy rules to safeguard the rights of our clients and Company.
  • Users must accept and understand that purchasing any website material or services requires them to be of legal age, 18 above.
  • With order placement on the website, the user must agree to and accept the terms and conditions of the Company. The legal agreement between the Company and clients is shaped based on these terms and conditions.

Orders Processing

The take your class online is responsible for processing orders and completion after complete the payment transaction successfully. We are liable to assign our experts to work on your order after 48 hours of order placement.

The client placing orders on Fridays must remember that all the new orders are processed from the next working Mondays. However, if our account manager has promised any urgent task or residual work submission, we will only deliver it on weekends.

Grades Criteria

The Company is solely responsible and accountable for grades of work assignments submitted in return for order placement. Any previously left assignments, overdue assignments, or low grades do not count in order placement or the Company's responsibility.

The Company is responsible for final A/B grades only after completing the entire course by the end of the semester. Individual grades in work submissions or activities do not conclude as our final promised grades of the service.

Refund Claim

The individual grades in coursework submissions or activities do not qualify a client for a refund.

Once the professor Posts the final grade and you have not scored an A/B grade, a client may claim a refund after a month of service.

Mind change after placing an order or first work submissions does not qualify the client to claim a refund.

Exam Policies

While taking the PROCTORED Exam, any glitch or mishap leading to failure, the Company would not be held responsible for it.

The Company holds the legal right to refuse or decline any PROCTORED EXAM during or before the service without stating any authentic reason.

The client is bound to must arrange the software and technical tools required for our experts to take their PROCTORED EXAM. The Company does not hold any responsibility to set any of the software or tools.

Cash Back Policy

The Take Your Class Online has the right to deduct or keep service charges for our expert's hard work or work submissions while paying back refunds.

Once the payment transacting is in the process after order placement for PROCTORED EXAM, the Company is not responsible for refund if a client fails to arrange equipment for exams.

The Company is not responsible for refunding the amount if an exam gets canceled.