Would you say that managing your time is one of the most challenging things? There are several online websites and free tools that you can use to help manage your classes. Many online tools can help you learn everything you need to know. Among them are digital flashcards, time management, quizzes, study games, calculators, and everything else that can be used. Students of any age employ these tools to manage their study schedules and prepare for upcoming tests and exams. It is important to note that these tools are free to use, so students of any age can benefit.

Is it pervasive for us to think to ourselves that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of our daily tasks? However, we cannot get any better than the technology here to help us out. Many apps and tools are available over the internet to increase your productivity. In this manner, you can cross things off your schedule and be more organized and efficient at the same time. Indeed, people think that the internet cannot provide reliable and accurate information. Students can manage their study schedules by using many websites and tools specifically designed to help them improve their skills and develop themselves more effectively. Furthermore, you can always pay someone to complete online class, or with the help of these sites, you should be able to use these resources to help you with your online classes.


It is an excellent app for you if you are someone who learns best by seeing things. The mind maps, which are essentially a network of knowledge that divides huge topics into more manageable ones, set this website apart from others like it. Making a map gives you the ability to perceive the relationships between different aspects of the world. Both memory and comprehension are improved as a result of this. The website also provides many other useful tools, such as flashcards, a platform for taking notes, self-created quizzes, a study calendar, a collaboration tool, and a method for keeping track of how much information you have retained. This multifunctional tool can also be used to learn on the move and is accessible for use across various devices.


Quizlet offers the learning tools, and you are responsible for providing the content for this website. Users can build “sets” in almost any field imaginable. The website will produce flashcards, quizzes, practice exams, matching games, and even auditory tools based on your provided material. Quizlet also offers a free mobile app, allowing users to study and learn even when not connected to the internet. Scatter and Space Race are two games that allow you to study the content while having fun. In the game Scatter, players aim to empty the screen as rapidly as possible by dragging definitions or information to their relevant equivalents. In the game Space Race, definitions will move across the screen, and you will need to type in the appropriate word or phrase to go along with each definition before the term reaches the bottom of the screen. You may add the drive of competition to your learning by using leaderboards and high scores, which allow you to compete with one another to get the best timings.


When using Evernote, you can save all of your notes, information, and research in one location, even if studying may need to use several different platforms. This website is an extremely helpful organizing tool. It allows you to synchronize your information across several desktops and mobile devices, share it with other users, collect web clippings, and generate content from a single location. Evernote has a wide variety of applications, including the management of research paper content, the preparation of study guides based on in-class note-taking, the organization of presentation notes, and a host of other day-to-day activities that are unrelated to academics.

Marinara Timer

This website is focused on boosting productivity, despite giving you want for some spaghetti. It was inspired by the Pomodoro productivity method, which involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break. Marinara Timer gives you the ability to customize your timer (complete with entertaining alarm sounds such as “alien bot ordering lunch” or “echoing into space”) to help you study more efficiently. While studying, taking a little break every so often has been shown to boost attention span, concentration, and overall productivity. This website may help you reward yourself for your hard work by alerting you when it’s time to kick back, skim through your Twitter feed, or watch a few humorous videos. The system will then inform you that it is time to go back to work.


Ensuring that your grammar and spelling are proper is required to perform work at the collegiate level. If you feel your writing might use some help, you can rely on Grammarly to ensure that both the material you study and the work you produce is right. The browser add-on is simple to use, educational and will assist correct your writing while teaching you areas in which your work may be better. This free application might be useful to you in your approach to work, whether you’re working on a project or just composing an email to a colleague. It doesn’t only make it crystal apparent what has to be changed; it also explains why those changes are necessary so that you may gain insight from experience.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another fantastic alternative for those who want to study and learn outside the traditional classroom setting. This cost-free website will provide you with many course selections suited to your current educational standing and the subjects that most interest you. You may get information on elementary geometry, electrical engineering, organic chemistry, personal finance, and microeconomics, among other topics. Khan will then match you with courses relevant to your interests and help you work toward achieving your objectives. The software will keep track of your progress to assist you in remaining on the course!

Most of the websites on this list provide paid “pro” accounts or improved package options to their customers. However, they provide students with access to use free resources. Try each one out, and discover which ones are the most beneficial to your situation.


Using flashcards to study has never been more straightforward than it is now. Users of StudyStack can build flashcard sets and access those that other users have created. You have the option to determine whether you were correct or incorrect when a card is turned over. This game is an excellent learning aid because wrong cards are played repeatedly until they are mastered.

After it has been generated, the website is capable of transforming the material into a variety of educational tools and activities. Before attempting the quizzes and practice exams, you could warm up with a hangman game, unscramble, or a match.

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November 12, 2022


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